International Regatta

September 9 & 10 2017

General information

121th International Regatta
28nd Belgian Open Sprint cup
15th Triptych of Ghent Rowing CLUB K.R.C. Gent

9 & 10 September 2017

Chairman: Roland Sautois

Regatta course

straight line – dead water – five lanes- length 2000 m


Should be sent to K. R. Club Gent Yachtdreef 2, B 9000 or directly by

Closing date : Monday 28 August at 6 PM. Each entry must include name, first name, date of birth and license number of each crewmember.

Entry fees

No fees are charged to foreign teams.


This takes place the 3th of September at 7 PM at the Clubhouse of K. R. Club Gent.


Ultimate date the 3th of September at 6 PM addressed to the regatta secretary of K. R. Club Gent.

Lane numbers

Placed and fitted on the bow of the boat. These are available at the secretary for a guarantee of € 5. The bow number is mandatory.

Contest rules

A. the races will be rowed in line under the rules of the FISA and KBR. No heats are organized.
B. The twenty-one races of the triptych formula Cups (2000, 1000, and 250 m) will be provided based on the best combined performance (the racing times of the 1000m and the 2000 m will be respectively divided by 4 and 8).

Prices and distribution

The first two teams from each competition will receive a price.
Triptych- & challenge cup are handed out Sunday evening in the Clubhouse.
Foreign victors receive a souvenir.


in our own sports guesthouse:

Other possibilities:

  • Hostel KRSG